police arrest Timaya for hit and runMusic super star TIMAYA was arrested for alleged hit and run in Lagos, around Lekki area yesterday.

The Maroko Police Division arrested the artist yesterday for alleged hit-and-run leading to grievous bodily harm to the victim and for endangering the lives of other road users.

According to eyewitness, immediately the incident occurred at the Ikate area of Lekki, the musician hit the car of the woman first and when she confronted him, Timaya knocked her down and ran away.

The eyewitness added that policemen from the Maroko division quickly responded to the incident, adding that the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment and the musician was arrested afterwards and later moved to Maroko police station for interrogation.

Osinubi Omowumi, the victim sister took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared the video of her sister with face and leg injury, seeking for justice for what the singer did to her sister.

She wrote, “She is in the hospital now in serious pain, and the funniest part is me messaging him to do the needful, but this wicked fellow blocked me after reading my messages.”

According to her too, the musician reckless driving damaged her sister’s vehicle before hitting her sister, which led to the injury she sustained.

The musician also did not reacted directly to the allegations, he just wrote “Me no get no bad Mind for Nobody.”